In a Timeless Now...

I live in the forests of Sweden, where I also record and produce my music.


Music and sound healing has always been an important part of my life. As a child I was already interested in how one could use voice and sounds for healing. I used to sing for animals that were ill or depressed, and somehow came in my way, and I noticed the healing effect.


I’ve always been very sensitive to energies. Everything in the universe consists of energy, and all energy vibrates in its specific frequency. And all frequencies can be translated into sound.


All is sound. The whole universe is singing.


In nature each tree, stone, flower and piece of grass has its own unique vibration, and if we really tune in and listen with our full presence we can hear the song of it. 

I've always loved the timeless feeling when we  sing the songs that are in harmony with Mother Earth, and I feel so happy to share those timeless moments with others through my music.


I spend a lot of time in the forest. When I wander in the woods I let my consciousness wander to realms beyond. 


The wild nature mirrors the wild within, shows me into my innermost being, my true nature. That is how I find my inspiration for my way of living and my music. 


I’ve been a part of different music projects and styles during my life journey. 2019 I recorded and produced my first album as a solo artist.


In this journey of sounds, I feel just as eager and happy as when I was a child, creating and exploring the magic of the sounds that reflects that true nature within.


”With her present voice, soundscapes from nature, suggestive rhythms and beautiful melodies she weaves together a unique world of sound. Her heart medicine music brings one to remember the timeless true nature of one's soul.”

"This music, complete magic. Both of this world and worlds beyond - as when that depth within you calls you to come back to the very pure source of your heart and soul."